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We at Xýlo,  design and market socially conscious tableware handmade by Sri Lankan craftspeople using sustainable raw materials. Our company was formed in 2017 by three young entrepreneurs who wanted to support and empower struggling artisans in the local community by providing them with a platform to market their products.

What started out as an attempt to make a positive contribution to society has now turned into a successful brand that is gaining recognition in the country.

We currently export our products to Australia and France, and are looking to expand to other international markets as well.



We work with a team of local artisans who hand make coasters, placemats, coconut shell spoons, bamboo straws, floating pool trays, cheeseboards and serving platters. All products are manufactured using natural materials and their by-products, with a core focus on cork and wood.

We only purchase raw materials from sustainable sources, and are committed to minimize wastage in the manufacturing process. Many of our products are made using upcycled materials such as shaved off branches and bark from teak trees. We don’t use plastic in our manufacturing process, and constantly try to develop products that are socially conscious and less damaging to the environment.



Xýlo is more than just a business. While we definitely want to enrich our customers’ lives with durable tableware that sparks joy, we also want to support the numerous talented and hardworking craftspeople that live in our community.

Sri Lanka has a rich heritage of craftsmanship, but our artisans are increasingly finding it difficult to sustain their livelihood and provide for their families. We realize that we can change this tide, and contribute to ensuring that these skills, which are passed down from generation to generation don’t completely fade away. Each carefully manufactured Xýlo product directly empowers our craftspeople and their families.



Pita Kotte, Sri lanka.



Tel: +94 (0) 77 691 5290 

       +94 (0) 77 123 9002



Mon - Fri: 7am - 9pm

​​Saturday: 8am - 9pm

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